[BrattyMILF.com] Jennifer White - Stepmom Teaches Sex Education (08.10.21) [2021 г., Black Hair, Blowjob, Cum in Mouth, Girl-Boy, POV, 1080p]

Jennifer White - Stepmom Teaches Sex Education

Имя актрисы: Jennifer White
Название ролика: Stepmom Teaches Sex Education
Подсайт и сайт: BrattyMILF.com

Дата производства: 2021 г.
Жанр: Black Hair, Blowjob, Cum in Mouth, Girl-Boy, POV
Продолжительность: 00:31:02
Описание: Tony is studying for his finals in a course that will help him become a gynecologist, but its not going well. His busty stepmom, Jennifer White, picks up on Tonys distress. She takes a se at beside Tony and asks him whats going on. Once he explains the problem, Jennifer knows that she can help. She leaves the room and returns in a towel so she can make the proper offer to let Tony practice on her. Although Tony is uncomfortable with the sight of his stepmothers cooch, he has to admit that its helpful to see the real deal. After a little bit of show and tell, Tony tells his stepmom that he needs to learn how to give a pelvic exam. Shes happy to help with that, too, although Tony needs some more convincing.
When Tony finally gives in to Jennifers coaxing and sticks two fingers into her pussy to try his hand at the real thing for a pelvic exam, she cant help but be turned on. Reaching up to rub her boobs and fondle her tits, she keeps guiding Tony deeper. When Tony tries to tell his stepmom that he thinks they should stop, she tells him that if he quits, shell tell his stepdad that he was spying on her. Tony finds himself in a position where he just cant say no to Jennifers advances. Smug in the knowledge that she has her stepson right where she wants him, Jennifer leads Tony to the bedroom where she gets Tony to keep on feeling up her lovely ass and pussy. Turning around, she gets on her knees and takes Tonys hardon into her hands and mouth so she can begin to satisfy the fantasies shes had ever since she realized that her big dick stepson was lusting over her.
Since Tony is gonna tap that whether he likes it or not, he gets into it by pushing Jennifers head forward so that shes deep throating his fuck stick. Then he gets his stepmommy on her back to slide his cock home for a different kind of pelvic exam. Thumb on Jennifers clit and cock sliding in and out, Tony gets his busty stepmom moaning nice and loud. She insists on getting onto her hands and knees next so that Tony can give her a doggy style pussy pounding as she pushes her big ass backwards to meet his strokes. The motion of that ocean is so incredible that Tony cant keep his hands off Jennifers ass cheeks, especially when he stops thrusting and lets her bounce her booty while still impaled on his fuck stick. Jennifer continues her booty delight as Tony gets on his back and lets his MILF stepmom ride him in reverse cowgirl. When Jennifer is finally sated, she hops off the cock and resumes her BJ until Tony fills her mouth with his cum shot. Tony asks to see, so Jennifer opens her mouth to play with his jizz before swallowing his load. Thanks to his stepmothers help, Tony feels like hes going to ace his exam.
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